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EiLT - Emitter Localization under Multi-Path

The research project EiLT has the aim to develop the next generation of direction-finding (DF) systems for surveillance and spectrum control in urban scenarios where usually radio localization becomes problematic because of multi-path propagation. Within the EiLT project we will simulate, implement, and evaluate algorithms for the localization of radio emitters in various environments in order to ensure public safety and spectrum regulation enforcement. At the end of the project a mobile DF system demonstrator will be available for different trials in urban and sub-urban areas. The project started in April 2012 and is partly funded by the German National Ministry for Research and Education (BMBF).



  •       Product for security applications (mobile) with GIS aid capabilities

  •        Single-Sensor Single-Source localization in multi-path urban scenarios

  •       Modular/scalable device for spectrum-agencies and armed-forces



Bundeministerium für Bildung und Forschung

Project supported by:
Federal Ministry of Education and Research






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